After working in legal and compliance for many years, we realised that there were many barriers preventing teams from operating at their best. Unpredictable workloads, limited support resources, excessive administration and poor access to information all diluted the contribution they could and should be making to their businesses. Many of these issues were caused by legacy infrastructure and poorly defined processes and outdated ways of working.

We decided to set up a new organisation specifically designed to help lawyers and compliance professionals lead more productive and fulfilling lives. We’ve brought together a team who have held senior positions in leading law firms, in-house legal teams, professional services and technology organisations and have successfully delivered some of the most complex and innovative projects in the legal and compliance sector.  

Ethien helps you spend more time shaping and driving activities, working on strategic projects and preventative measures, so you can make more of a difference.


  • Be authentic: In all things, be clear, straightforward and act with Integrity
  • Unified in action: We respect the contribution of individuals whilst working together as a team
  • Make a difference: By helping clients lead more productive, happier lives      


That's probably enough about us. Let's talk about you.