In recent years there has been a huge increase in the volume and complexity of legal work globally. This has created a challenge for legal leaders who spend much of their time on day-to-day activities while also delivering on the strategically important priorities of their business. Our legal services help unlock the potential within in-house legal departments, allowing you to spend more time on higher value work while delivering your day-to-day work more efficiently.

Legal Value Mapping (LVM)
LVM helps you identify which activities deliver measurable value for your business. Then we help you increase the proportion of time spent on the most valuable activities. 

Legal Risk Management
For many businesses legal risk is becoming a key risk category with many anticipating material losses as result of fines, litigation, remediation costs and penalties.

Ethien has developed a legal risk portal that helps you rapidly collate and assess legal risk data and a legal risk framework for implementing remediation plans which are practical, transparent and auditable.

Legal Efficiency Programmes
Over 60% business-to-business legal work is routine and could be re-engineered and delivered in a more efficient way.

Using a combination of process improvement, project management tools,  technology and alternative resourcing, we help you make significant savings while de-risking any changes that need to be made.  

Interim Business Management
Ethien can provide an interim COO to help improve operational efficiency; do a financial assessment of internal & external spend; develop MI to measure functional KPIs and KRIs and carry out organisational & strategic planning.



Need access to the right legal resources to cover seasonal work spikes, unforeseen projects, or to cover staff absence ? We thoroughly vet our interim lawyers and paralegals and select the best people for you. We support them with a dedicated team to ensure they operate at the highest levels and deliver great work.    

Interim lawyers
Experienced lawyers available on a part time, day-to-day or project basis, working on or off site as required, typically with from 2-15 years PQE with sector expertise which includes:

  • Financial Services (Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Asset Management, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Insurance)
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Real Estate
  • Fintech
  • Technology

In-house legal teams are increasingly turning to paralegals to deliver routine aspects of legal work so they can devote more time to higher value legal matters. Ethien can provide highly experienced specialist paralegals to assist with specific legal matters, or more junior paralegals to provide general legal support to over-worked teams. Assignments vary from a couple of weeks to a year in length and can be based on your site or at Ethien’s offices as needed.        

Operational, Process, Project and Technology Experts 
Many in-house legal teams have recognised that, to work efficiently and deliver the right services to their clients, they need to bring in non-legal experts to help design and implement better ways of working. Ethien’s team of experts have held senior roles in law firms and in-house law departments and managed some of the most challenging and radical transformation programmes in the legal industry.

Contract Lifecycle Management
Regulators are becoming increasingly concerned about organisations' lack of systems and controls and their ability to manage contractual obligations and risks. Automating and managing your contracts will improve law department efficiency, as well as enable the whole business to become more agile and provide better client service. You will also reduce risk and “contract leakage” which can cost businesses huge sums every year.

Ethien has designed a specialist Contract Value Map (CVM) which assesses the maturity of your existing contract environment, processes and resources. We then help you adopt new, more efficient ways of contracting, underpinned by the best contract management systems on the market.     

eDiscovery and Document Review
Ethien has extensive experience working with legal teams and law firms across a wide variety of matters and can advise on the most effective approach to document review. By using industry standard platforms we can price per unit (document, page, or size), or per hour or offer a fixed price per project.  We work with you to design the review approach and process workflows. We then work in your office under your supervision or deliver the project from a specialist delivery centre in Manchester. Examples include:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Product liability
  • Anti-trust second requests
  • Internal company investigations
  • Patent infringement
  • Breach of contract

Our lawyers ensure rigorous quality control protocols are adhered to and our collaborative approach ensures that you can rely on us for cost effective and efficient results.

We partner with leading technology companies who provide specialist platforms that support in-house legal functions, including contract automation and management and enterprise collaboration.

We can rapidly prototype, build and implement bespoke legal applications for:

  • Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial
  • Financial Services
  • I.P. & Trademark
  • Employment and Pensions
  • Infrastructure and Projects

Global Legal Team
Engaged by the Head of Legal to identify ways to reduce global legal costs across three jurisdictions. By using a work and resource analytics tool we assessed the complexity, volume and cost of work being delivered by the in-house team and panel firms By decomposing certain legal work types and redirecting routine legal work to alternative providers the client saved $20M in legal fees in 12 months.

Leading Financial Institution
Provided a blended team of 25 lawyers and paralegals to review, analyse and summarise over 15,000 MSAs, technology contracts, licencing agreements and real estate leases in preparation for a refinancing and re-organisation. Within 48 hours of request, a team was on the client’s site to locate, tag and upload the documents onto a specialised contract review platform. The project was completed on time and saved over 40% of forecast costs.

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